Are You Sitting on an Email Marketing Goldmine?

| Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 | 1 Comment »

Email MarketingWith budgets tight and sales yet to bounce back, most companies are accustomed to (tired of?!?!) trying need to do more with less. But instead of sitting around bemoaning your shrinking budget and skyrocketing lead generation goals, try getting off that pretty tuchus and seeing what kind of marketing gold you might be sitting on.

One of the most overlooked veins of gold at most organizations is the “email list.” In a surprising number of companies, this list is dutifully compiled and then left in a dusty corner. No one seems to own it, and worse – no one seems to know what to do with it.

Old clients, current clients, prospective clients – it doesn’t matter. If you’re not doing all you can with that list you’re leaving prospects on the table. There simply is no better resource for dirt cheap lead generation out there. So, what should you be doing with your list?

Newsletters – Keep your email circle of friends up-to-date with the latest news about your company, your products and your industry. Keep it brief and to the point with links to deeper information on your website if necessary. Avoid fancy graphics and pictures that need special permission from the user to download.

Email blasts – If something big goes down – a new product release, a sizzling industry story, or a big “oops!” you need to explain, keep your email circle informed with a proactive email blast. Keep blasts to a minimum to decrease your unsubscribe rate.

Surveys – Surveys can help you get even MORE marketing gold from your customer base. It also brings participants into your inner circle and helps them feel more a part of the “family.” Offering a drawing for a gift certificate will help encourage folks to participate.

I once heard tell of a company that had an email list that had grown from various sources over a period of years, and was spread across several departments that rarely communicated with each other. They had NEVER it used for anything. Once they decided to start using it – to send out a series of newsletters, emails, and surveys – the response they got was amazing. Their open rates, click-through rates and participation rates were through the roof and their unsubscribe rates were remarkably low. It turns out that their email circle was just dying to get involved, and all they had to do was ask!

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